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Boating is all about enjoyment. Just live for the moment,
take your boat and head for the open water. Enjoy nature, good company and the gentle sound of the waves. We are passionate about performance and precision and obsessed over each and every detail.

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    Blue Marlin Series

    Inboard Propulsion

    The Blue Marlin Inboard is a full electric permanent magnet motor, equipped with a gearbox for clean, smooth and powerful propulsion of your vessel.

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    Blue Marlin Series

    Hybrid Propulsion

    The Blue Marlin is available in a hybrid version to complement a diesel engine with a green and emission free E-motor.

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Full electric propulsion systems

We keep you sailing in a way you’ve never experienced before. That’s why we supply you with a fully electric, smooth, clean and convenient propulsion solution, to encourage you to sail around, independently, wherever you may go.

About GreenPower Propulsion

Off to new adventures

GreenPower Propulsion has sprouted from several years of experience in the maritime propulsion market.

Here’s why you should consider a GreenPower Propulsion solution:


Blue Marlin can be customized to your boating needs. New built or refit, Blue Marlin will fit perfectly in your propulsion line.


The Blue Marlin is available from 5kW up to 265kW. We supply the power for your vessel!


Blue Marlin E-motors are equipped with a high quality, low maintenance gearbox to suit every propeller shaft speed.


GreenPower Propulsion has well known contacts in the maritime propulsion market. Therefore we can supply a full electric package, from E-motor to propeller.

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